WM Neon

A centered-player music application

Role Motion Designer
Duration 1 month (july 2017)


Watchmusic is a premium service offering videos about music like video clips, live or even interviews. I worked during one year on this project (that you can discover here) but finally the project as been canceled after a company merge.

However, at the very end of Watchmusic just before its closing the design team worked on a new version of it, Watchmusic Neon.

In this project, I was mainly in charge of the animations and the interactions of the mobile application.


New visual identity

We totally changed the visual identity of our application and these changes went also with all the animations.

An immersive player

Our player is the key of our product and we wanted to make it really immersive and unique.


Make it lives !


We kept the principle of fullscreen thumbnails as an home page where you can navigate to discover our highlight contents from different categories. In each category, you can scroll down to discover more of it.

Explore & Search

In the explore space, it was really important to have different sections clearly visually different to identify them easily.

Artist Page

We changed the artist page to make it clearer with a smooth animation for the header section.


The player was the most important part of this rework. We wanted to make a really immersive player and to do so we reuse the video of the actual player as a background with blur so it rises the immersivity without begining disturbing.


We worked for a really short amount of time in this project and even if we knew that it probably never go out, it was really challenging and enjoyable to work on this project ! Especially for me regarding the animations part, I could experiment a lot.

Thanks for reading ! ✌

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