A showcase of my work in motion

Role Motion Designer
Duration From 2014 to 2018


To put it very simply, I've always loved motion design. And I had the chance and opportunity to make different motion videos during my school years and my professional life. So here are some of my favorite works.

You can discover more on my vimeo account !

Nintendo video

October 2014 - School project

For this school project, we had one week to make a motion design video on the evolution of an object, with one constraint: the video had to be in flat design. I chose to represent the evolution of nintendo handheld consoles.

Playing video games

January 2015 - School project

For this school project, we had a week to make a looped video of a daily action. We also had to try to use Stephen Silver's character design style to represent us. So I chose to represent myself playing video games on my 3ds.

The newcomers to 3ie

Mars 2015 - Professional project

The company where I did one of my internships, 3ie, welcomes every year a dozen students from EPITA (computer engineering school) on a work-study basis. So I made a motion design video showing the arrival of 9 of these students at 3ie.

Watchmusic presentation

June 2016 - Professional project

When I arrived at Watchever, a video presenting the Watchmusic application already existed. However, all the screens used in this video were old and the company wanted to change many parts of the video itself and add new ones. So I worked on a new version of this video.

Dailymotion player

January 2018 - Professional project

For this project, we wanted to present the Dailymotion player and all its features in a dynamic video easily adaptable to different countries. After working on different versions of the storyboard, we chose the different contents that will be presented in the video and especially the main music video. As a French company, we wanted to choose original French music bands.

Once everything was selected, I made the video that you can watch below

Dailymotion - New branding

June 2018 - Professional project

Dailymotion has completely reworked its brand identity and wanted to present it with a video. It was a very important mission for the company. So I worked a lot with the brand designer and the copywriters to deliver the right message with a really dynamic video. This last point was very important because with this video, we wanted to motivate all the employees of the company to adopt this new brand!