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RoleGraphic Designer
Duration 6 months


O'Gaming is a French web TV that mainly broadcasts Esport content. O'Gaming broadcasts 24/7 on the video platform Twitch (Amazon) video games, talk shows and esport competitions. Web TV has channels dedicated to the most popular games in the sector: Overwatch, League of Legends, Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone. O'Gaming differentiates itself from its competitors by broadcasting the biggest international tournaments. The company has become the preferred partner of major industry players such as Riot Games or Blizzard to be the official French commentators of major events.

I worked for O'Gaming during my first internship as an assistant artistic director and it was an incredible experience, both professionally and on a human level. So it was a pleasure for me to work with them again a few years later as a freelance graphic designer.


My tasks consisted of creating visual elements for the CSGO and Overwatch channels for various competitions or tournaments that O'gaming commented on. This could be the layout of the social media, the show itself (banner, standby video) or even the realization of leaderboards, plannings...I could also make twitch emotes for the stream channels chat.

Graphic identity

Understanding the brands

The CSGO channel has broadcast a large number of different tournaments. It was very important for the O'Gaming audience to identify at a glance what content they were watching. To do this, it was essential that each tournament and competition was easily identifiable with a strong and recognizable identity.

In general, for the visuals and layout of a tournament, I would start by taking my inspiration from its logo, which was often the only graphic element I had at my disposal. It allowed me to have the general identity of the tournament, its colours, its atmosphere... I also researched the history of the tournament, whether it was its first edition or not, who the audience was, where it was held... From that and respecting the identity provided mainly by the logo, I created other elements that would be shared throughout the communication around the tournament: fonts, backgrounds, colours, shapes...

You can find below some of the works I made for this project.


The channel for which I was mainly responsible was the CSGO one (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). This channel was very active because there were a lot of different tournaments and competitions organized on this game, at least one every two weeks.

01. Copenhagen Games

Copenhagen Games are the largest eSport event in Denmark and have been held annually in Copenhagen in the spring since 2005 and are organised by SLAP. They are best known for their CSGO competition.

02. CS_Summit

CS_Summit is a tournament organized by Beyond the Summit, a media company that creates and broadcasts high quality esport content. They are best known for their dota2 tournaments, but in 2017 they held their first CS:GO tournament. Since then, it has become an annual event.

03. Dreamhack Open

DreamHack is the biggest computer festival in the world and DreamHack Open is its first esport circuit with 8 live LAN tour stops around the world. It was launched in 2012 and the official title of the DreamHack Open is Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

04. PGL

PGL is one of the largest esport organisations in Europe, organising and promoting events since 2002. The PGL CSGO tournaments are one of the biggest events in the CSGO scene. The tournament started with a world qualification, divided into 4 regions (Asia, Europe, America and Russia), followed by an offline qualification in Bucharest. Finally, the 8 best teams can participate in the big tournament in Krakow.

Minor Europe
Minor US
Minor CIS
Minor Offline

05. Underdogs

Underdogs is a tournament organized by O'Gaming. Originally created for Starcraft 2, they also did it for CS:GO. CSGO tournaments are always focused on the biggest teams and the best players, but with Underdogs, O'Gaming wanted to highlight and organize a tournament for French teams that don't have this visibility. They are not the best in the world but they are still very strong in the French competition!


I was also in charge of the Overwatch channel. The tournaments in this game always provide a complete set of resources to use, so for this channel, I mostly created visual assets for the content produced by O'gaming itself.

01. Streamer

O'Gaming launched its own streamers, so I had to make some visuals for the announcement for example but also for the streamers themselves so that they could use some branded elements during their streams.

02. Tournaments

I also made some visuals for different tournaments when it was needed.


O'Gaming broadcasts its content on the Twitch video platform. When you broadcast a video on Twitch, your viewers can leave comments and discuss them in a chat. This feature is very popular on Twitch, and viewers use emotes a lot in these chats. The streamer can create custom emotes for its audience.

I've made emotes for CSGO and Overwatch channels. They are mostly "private joke" that the community of each game can easily understand but can be quite obscure for a brand new viewer.One of the difficulties of this project was to make really small emotes that are still easily readable, on a black or white screen.


This work was very rewarding and allowed me to realize many visuals related to esport, a field I like very much. The main challenge was to never repeat myself, to always try new things and to innovate for each tournament. And I think I did pretty well! 😉

Thanks for reading ! ✌

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